Avasta Tartut

Tartu unikaalne olemus avaneb, kui seigelda kohalikul kultuurimaastikul, taustaks maalilised puitmajad ja tähendusrikkad tänavakunstitaiesed.

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Avasta Tallinna

Telliskivi Loomelinnak on Tallinna üks rõõmsavärvilisemaid paiku! Endine Balti Raudtee Peatehas ja sisukad seinamaalid lihtsalt väärivad avastamist!

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This is one of the best tours I’ve been on. Even though it wasn’t the usual day we called up Salme and she took us around Karlova to show us some street art and explain the historical components of this part of the city. It was great to see something other than the old town, and the architecture and art is very interesting. You will also get lots of good tips on what else you can do in this city. Salme runs the street art festival for Estonia, so she can give you background info for local artists and what to see in other cities as well. Highly recommend!
Tiara Christenson, US
We engaged Agnieszka for a 2-hour tour of Tartu. There were seven of us. She was able to connect with us really quickly and she was clear in her explanation. She was knowledgeable about Tartu and Estonia and was able to answer all our questions. It was evident that she was doing it out of passion and not for income. Three days after the tour, I WhatsApped her a photograph of a tree that was in full bloom, to ask her what tree that was. I was surprised that she actually bothered to do some research on the tree and replied me! I highly recommend her!
Bugand Hun, Singapore
I have done now twice street art tour in Telliskivi and it looks I don´t get enough! So much to discover and see. Amazing stories behind the art! So happy that I decided to invite all my family and friends to discover it with me in my birthday! They said that they have been in Telliskivi Loomelinnak many times, but never have seen so much beauty there as in this tour! Thank you Hannariin, who was our great tourguide!
Kristiina, EST
If street art is your cup of tea, then this tour is for you. Tartu is the second biggest city in Estonia, but for visitors from other countries, it might seem like a village. Nevertheless Pseudo Tours provide world class tours with guides, who are cute, but also skilled storytellers. I had a great time and I would recommend this for everybody to spice up their life.
Kirke, EST
Super discovery of street art in the Karlova area of Tartu with the sparkling and passionate Salmé who will leave a beautiful graffiti on our souvenirs of Estonia. Obviously she speaks English but also French and possibly many other language as she comes across as a citizen of the world. We recommend!!!

Super découverte du street art dans le quartier de Karlova de Tartu avec Salmé la pétillante et passionnée qui laissera un beau graffiti sur nos souvenirs de L’Estonie. À noter que Salmé nous a fait la visite dans un excellent Français.
Laurent Stéchlé, FR
Living in Tallinn for almost 4yrs and 2yrs by Telliskivi Loomelinnak. I have seen the wall art plenty of times but only today, I understood the depth of it, learned amazing stories and gained even bigger respect and love to this awesome spot.
It was really good! Lot’s of useful information, helpful advice from the guide where to go and what to do, very vivid and brisk stories about Tartu and its people! Thanks a lot! Without it I would have another feeling of the city, definitely not complete.
Ekaterina Grechanaya, RU
We had a street tour in Tartu yesterday. We were a family, 4 people and one more person. Stella, our guide was very sweet and kind and explain us about the street art in Tartu from a artistic point of view. We hear some nice stories about the artists and the works and we had a great time. Thank you so much!!
Inda Novominsky, ISR
Street art tour was truly amazing!
It is one of the best ways how to get to know and understand Tartu way better.
This tour made me fall in love to Tartu once again!
Marta Markote, LV

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