Workshops in Tartu

Have you ever felt that somehow the long and oh-so-thorough theory-based street art tour just isn’t enough and that actually you’d really-really like to get your hands covered in paint? Well, woopidoo, it’s possible! In addition to tours, we offer two creative workshops in the industrial scenery of Tartu’s Widget Factory, where one can get as creative as they wish!

We offer two workshops:

Stencil workshop

We introduce stencil techniques, design and cut out our stencil, learn to use spray paints. By the end of the workshop, every participant has created a unique little work of art that can be taken with.


Collective composition workshop

Especially suitable for teambuilding! The team creates a 1 x 1 m painting which is designed collectively. Before the workshop, the client can introduce the idea and vision their team has about the final outcome (tonality, motifs, small or big stencils). The purpose is to create collectively a piece that reflects the team’s mission and spirit. The artwork can be taken to the office, home or as a gift!


Price: Karlova’s street art tour + workshop 28 € per person

Workshop 20 € per person

Workshop time: 1,5 h – 2 h (depending of the number of participants)

Time of workshop + tour approx. 4 hours

Group size: 4 – 15 participants

Location: Widget Factory aka Aparaaditehas (see map), in the room of Armastuse Saal (after entering the courtyard of Aparaaditehas, on the left side at the end of the yard).


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