Tours in Tartu

A short description of Tartu

Tartu is a South-Estonian town that is known as a gathering point of academics since the 17th century. Today it also stands out more and more for its flourishing street art scene and highly promising alternative culture. Likely to hide a surprise behind each corner, Tartu offers a lot more during an evening stroll than an average urban landscape does.

Wandering through the cozy-looking wooded neighborhoods, one may encounter more than classical urban art usually offers. A remarkable environment is created by mixture of graffiti, narrative stencil art and decorations fabricated by the locals. Including other phenomena that occur within the everyday life, for example street indications sometimes pointing towards the sky, the particularity of this unique place cannot be forgotten.


Our starting locations in Tartu

Walking Tours in Tartu

Karlova’s Street Art & History tour

We start at the courtyard of the local cultural factory Aparaaditehas (see map), wander through the art-filled neighborhood Karlova and stop for a quick break at the local bar Barlova. After the tour you may head back to Aparaaditehas where you’ll find multiple restaurants, galleries, Estonian design boutiques and the most awesome 2nd hand book shop Fahrenheit 451 OR get lost in the cozy Karlova and find some sweet spots like Karlova Kohv, Anna Edasi or Jakobi Jalats.

Languages: English, Estonian, French
Time: 2 hours
Starting point: courtyard of Aparaaditehas (address Kastani 42)


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The Twisted History tour

We start on the Town Hall Square in front of the Kissing Fountain (see map). During the city center tour we will explore the main attractions as well as some forgotten places and some street art. More, you will get to know interesting urban legends and tips about how to enjoy yourself in Tartu in the nice company of a talkative and always smiley guide. The tour ends at the vibrant and art-filled culture bar Genialistide Klubi where you can admire loads of art with vegan food and beer, listen to a concert or see a play!

Languages: English, Estonian, Spanish
Time: Approximately 2 hours
Starting point: Town Hall Square

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Tour for gamerz – Orienteering History Game

If you are searching for something more than a city tour, try our orienteering game combined with a historical background of Tartu. During the event, you will get to know interesting facts about the city as well as get a chance to solve different tasks and riddles with your mates! Very suitable for team events

Our offer is tailor-made, we will adjust to your needs, group size and the time you have. Our guide will design a game especially for you!

Languages: English, Estonian
Time: 1-3 hours (or to be agreed).
Starting point: Town Hall Square

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