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Our starting location in Tallinn

Street Art Tour in Tallinn Telliskivi Creative City

Telliskivi Creative City is one of the most joyous places in Tallinn, where street art and graffiti can be enjoyed at every step. We couldn’t imagine Creative City with gray walls and, frankly, can we even remember a pre-street art era there? On the Telliskivi Street Art tour we’ll share stories of how the paintings appeared, who are the artists who painted them and what stories are hidden behind the artworks. We cannot overlook the cradle of street art – graffiti, and neither can we ignore a bit of history of the former Railway Factory. Old photos will help us guide our way through the ever so vibrant Creative City.

Languages: English, Estonian
Time: 2 hours
Starting point: In front of Reval Café (address Telliskivi 60a, on Telliskivi street)

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