The Pseudo Tours story

Pseudo Tours is the pioneer brand of street art tours in Estonia. Our first tour was organized in 2014 in Tartu. The street art tours are based on research on the Estonian and international street art scene, from 2013 until today. Fantastic collaboration with the Telliskivi Creative City has given the push to start offering tours also in Tallinn! Our guides give these tours for a reason – from admiration for street art & graffiti and from a wish to share knowledge.

Our tour guides

Salme Kulmar

In 2013 I took part of Berlin’s Alternative Tour and suddenly it became clear to me what was my calling. The sense of adventure, amazing artworks with fascinating stories and skilled tour guides were just too inspiring. Being deeply passionate about street art and graffiti, unexplored areas and traveling as well as enjoying communicating, I realized that I had always wanted to become a street art tour guide and therefore founded Pseudo Tours.

Agnieszka Kunz

I’ve always been curious and fascinated by the cities I’ve lived in. Five years ago, in 2012, I moved from Poland to Tartu and straight away fell in love with the vibe of the city!
Being a historian and having a cultural background has made me explore the history, the forgotten stories, the urban legends and customs of the locals. Discovering them as a foreigner has been an adventure ever since. Before I noticed, I started giving uniquely designed city center tours for friends and artists from the Tartu Artist in Residence Program.

Talvi Põldma

I am a creative mind with the heart of a rebel. Fascinated by stories and adventures I constantly look for ways to spark up life to be inspired. Street art brings colour to walls and tales to tell.

Stella Mõttus

I study Art History at the University of Tartu. I could say I have a thing for street art, education and inspiring others, which is why I do what I do.

Anna Leena

A regular estonian living in Karlova: heating with wood, growing herbs on her window sill, riding a bike. Salme has some doubts that I might be a spy because I’m currently studying law at the university and as we know, street art can be “a bit of a legal grey area”. Jokes aside, it does not matter where you’re from and who you are, street art connects people.

Tuuli Jõesaar

I’m a nature guide living in Tartu, taking up the next big adventure in the city jungle, ready to show you all the amazing things (like art on the walls) that our calm, yet vibrant city offers! Oh, and all the stories – you have to hear them! Besides telling stories and sharing experiences I work with leather, play live-action-roleplay, do handicraft and spend quality time with my friends and cats, preferably both at the same time.

Hannariin Lamp

I’m adventurous and joyful and like to get into new and exciting situations. I finished Tallinn Art School as a hobby and studied design for half a year in the Netherlands. I travel a lot, like to take part of projects and in new cities always try to find alternative spots that fascinate me. Being interested in art, the history behind it and especially street art, I wish to share these stories with people and bring colours in to their lives through showing beautiful and meaningful masterpieces.